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Reflection positivity and unitarity, with higher categorical abstraction, DALL-E 2

Dagger Higher Categories

Zoomland, 12–15 June 2023, 9:00-13:00 EDT / 15:00-19:00 CEST

Dagger categories, formalized in the early 2000s, describe categories in which every morphism f:XY has an adjoint f:YX. They are particularly important for axiomatizing notions like "Hilbert space" and "unitary map", and as such appear vitally in categorical formulations of quantum theory. Quantum theory also requires higher categories, and over the years various groups of people have tried to work out a good definition of "higher dagger categories". The goal of this meeting is to compare these partial definitions, and hopefully to emerge with a complete consensus definition.

This will be an small, invitation-only meeting of experts. The focus is on collaborative conversation. We will have two short (45-minute) talks each day, with two hours of discussion in between. Speakers (not to mention the rest of the audience) will only learn that they are expected to speak a day or two before they talk.

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