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Theo Johnson-Freyd

Associate Professor of Mathematics
Dalhousie University
Perimeter Institute

Other writing


The following draft textbook has been accepted for publication by World Scientific:

It is based on lecture notes available below.


An article in the Newsletter of the London Math Society about a conference we ran:

Here are some idiosyncratic notes surveying various mathematics:

As many graduate students discover when taking their language exams, you don't need any training in French in order to read Mathematical French. (It helps that Mathematical English is more French-inflected than is Colloquial English.) As evidence, I have translated into English Deligne's article Catégories Tensorielles (French original).

One of my more satisfying activities is that I am a reviewer for MathReviews and zbMath. Of my reviews, two appeared in the September 2012 print addition: MR2742432 (2012i:55005): Stolz and Teichner, Supersymmetric field theories and generalized cohomology, 2011 and MR2752518 (2012i:81001): Baez and Lauda, A prehistory of n-categorical physics, 2011.

LiveTeXed Notes

As a graduate student, I would occasionally "Live-TeX" notes from classes and lectures. As with any notes, mine are replete with omissions and errors, undoubtedly; typing does allow me to catch questions from the audience and jokes from the professors, so these are included as well. Needless to say, anything good about the notes, and in particular presentation of the mathematical material, is due to the professor of the class. Anything bad about them, and in particular every inaccuracy, is mine. Use them with care. Also, please e-mail me with corrections: typos are trivial to fix, and mathematical errors should not be allowed to propagate. I was inspired to start typing lecture notes after watching Anton Geraschenko do it, and appreciate his advice.

Please note that the TAR.GZ files include TeX sources and plenty of other detritus: auxiliary files, partly completed problem sets, etc. You are welcome to download them, but I make no promises that the files will load on your computer: that will depend on whether your TeX installation exactly matches mine.