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MATH 3032: Abstract Algebra II

Theo Johnson-Freyd, theojf@dal.ca
Lectures: TuTh 11:35-12:55.
Office hours: TuWed 15:35-16:55.

Course Content


Homework assignments


Slides from online lectures

Slides from previous years.

The following slides might be of use. They are from 2021, when the class was entirely online. Note that they do not follow the same order as this class. Note also that the first week of lectures were not preserved.

Lecture 3. Lecture 4. Lecture 5. Lecture 6. Lecture 7. Lecture 8. Lecture 9. Lecture 10. Lecture 11. Lecture 12. Lecture 13. Lecture 14. Lecture 15. Lecture 16. Lecture 17. Lecture 18. Lecture 19. Lecture 20.

Fun exercises

Mike Pierce, at UC Riverside, maintains lists of fun exercises in various topics, targeted at their Qualifying Exam. (In the UC system, qualifying exams are typically taken upon arrival the first week of starting graduate school. Students are required to pass by the end of their first year.) These same questions make good practice questions for anyone studying the subject. I particularly like his list of Ring Theory questions; there are also some good questions on his Commutative Algebra list.