Math 1A: Calculus, Spring 2009

Math 1A: Calculus, Spring 2009

PDP Discussion Section 113. CCN: 53941.

For enrollment questions, please talk to Hugo Ramirez.

The primary website for this course is maintained by Professor Zvezdelina Stankova at In particular, you can find there the homework assigments and solutions, and the course syllabus at

The Student Learning Center offers free drop-in tutoring most days of the week. They also offer a one-unit "adjunct course" that provides more practice with calculus materials.

Table of Contents

Contact Info and Office Hours

GSI: Theo Johnson-Freyd
Office: 1058 Evans
OH Times: Tuesday 1-2 and Friday 2-4, and by appointment.
E-mail: theojf at math dot thisuniversity dot edu

UGA: Alberto Marcelo
OH Times: Monday and Wednesday 4-5 and Fridays 4-6, at PDP
E-mail: albertom at thisuniversity dot edu

Course Policies

Unlike in other discussion sections, we meet five hours a week, including on Fridays (the other sections are two hours per week, on Mondays and Wednesdays). Attendance in this section is required. As college students, you should enroll in classes only because you want to take them; if you don't want to come to five hours of discussion section per week, that's perfectly appropriate: enroll in a different discussion section. If you do attend this section, you'll most likely learn a lot more than you would in any other.

Homework, assigned by Zvezda each week and announced at, is due in section each Wednesday, and will be graded by Alberto, on a mix of completeness and correctness (this is also different from the other discussion sections, which do not have UGAs and hence homework is not turned in). We will have quizzes every Wednesday that count towards your grade, and occasional pop quizzes on other days.

Handouts and Quizzes

Everything I give out in class will be posted here, all as PDFs. If you are on a Mac, these should open automatically; Windows users may need to download Adobe Reader if it is not already installed.

Review materials: I have copied the end-of-chapter True/False quizzes from Stewart's Calculus. Chapter 1. Chapter 2. Chapter 3. Chapter 4. Chapter 5.
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